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Style and Creativity are one of the most underrated gifts we have. writing is a gift, writing is life, words are power, Thank you for agreeing to take a walk with me… Come let’s shape tomorrow lets change the world, one word at a time.  


There is a soul in poetry you can’t find elsewhere, as you read the words the lines would seep in and find its place in your heart doing its work by God’s Spirit.

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To all those who win the daily battle of consistency. Tag a consistent person who inspires you


This is not a Love Poem, but a life poem. A call to Growth.

We must get it now.

Have a head, have a mentor, have someone there to help and guide. As the battle axe of God i believe we should also learn this. It is time to charge for Christ it is time for the army to rise and defeat it is time to be holy and pure it is time to… Continue reading We must get it now.


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                  BE YOUR OWN BEHOLDER. “Whoosh, look at this stunning hot cake” Missy gushed, staring at her image in the shinning glass of the church door on a Sunny Saturday afternoon, prepping for the wedding reception. “Oh please, says who? I see not what you are talking about” Samson said behind her. “Beauty is in… Continue reading BE YOUR BEHOLDER

My Unpopular Opinion

   Hi guysssss So Honestly this feminism talk is supposed to have ended so let’s call this my bonus track.  In the recent turn of events in the past few weeks, one would think I saw it coming, with my former posts. Under this series. We have spoken about Our identity, and how we are… Continue reading My Unpopular Opinion


Adunoluwa Obadofin- Creative Head Inspired writings

Adunoluwa, is a final year student, of Mass communications, studying in the University of Lagos Akoka. A writer and poet, she runs her fashion brand, ‘Styled by Kenke’ a growing top brand centred on excellent styling, bringing out the beauty in everyone. One of our Worlds most influential Woman. She is a Lover of God, bent on taking the world for Jesus, spreading, sweetness and joy everywhere she goes. 

  She is the head of the inspired writing body, a writing community centred on using the power of words, to cause a transformation in the lives of many, changing perception, restoring hope, guiding and mentoring.  

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